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    The mummified heart is said to be that of vampire Auguste Delagrance, responsible for the deaths of more than forty people back in the 1900, a period of vampirism in the USA. When he was identified, Delagrance was hunted down by a Romano Catholic priest and a Voodoo Hougan, and was destroyed in 1912. (x)

    This is fucking Rad

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    people who do the dishes without wearing gloves should be feared and will survive the apocalypse

    People wear gloves?

    yeah?? There’s special gloves for it???

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    what do you mean it’s september christmas was 3 hours ago


    winter is coming.

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    #great now i gotta be responsible for these water bottles

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  6. …did you say the tower? 

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    Deleted scene: Hazel and Gus watching tv post incident

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    I watched this and she DID NOT put up with him. No one should accept it, after she told him to stop and he kept doing things that made her uncomfortable, all of the judges confronted him. I have so much respect for Demi Lovato, this is the type of person I wish more girls and teens looked up to. 

  9. Hold my fucking hand, loser. We’re using the buddy system for the rest of our lives.
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    every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters

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  11. Jared discovers other uses for the fan and Jensen tries to be stern but ultimately fails (x,x)

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everyone knew


    everyone knew

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    filed under: things celebrities say that the media sweeps under the rug to continue making controversy over them being “awful role models”


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    when none of ur internet friends are online

    timezoned again



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